Of course, what matters and is most important is what I can offer you. Being of service has been the primary focus of my life. And by service, I mean helping people like you uncover and explore your own value. Because, believe me, however you feel right now, you do have power to make a shift that will bring healing. And then something magical happens. I have seen it happen time and time again: when we make an internal shift, when we reframe and refresh our life not only looks and feels different, but the world responds to us differently. Difficult relationships smooth out, resolve or simply remove themselves from our lives. Traditional psychology says that your experience has created your beliefs. That is why practitioners often take detailed biopsychosocial histories (recently adding their spiritual component – thank goodness!). Recognizing that belief creates experience has proven helpful in many situations; it opens pathways to new opportunities not yet discovered.

My wish is to create a safe place for my clients in which they can explore what is working and what is not working in their lives and relationships.

Some clinical tools:

Mental Imagery: an ancient tool used to key into our intuition, higher wisdom, and to make shifts as necessary

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Evidenced based practice that focuses on how our thoughts, feelings and behaviors interact and impact our lives

Systems Theory: A way to view all the intersecting aspects of our lives

Psychodynamic Therapy: Using the therapeutic process to heal interpersonal relationships

Mindfulness and stress-reduction tools: Practicing living in the “present moment” so as to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, etc.

Solution-focused and possibility therapy: Focuses on how your current abilities can help you manifest your desires

EFT (Tapping): Uses the energy meridians in the body to unblock obstacles

Gottman-inspired communication work: Simple communication techniques to create rewarding relationships

Attachment style work: Awareness of how early experiences have left us cut off from rewarding relationships 

Substance use approaches: A nonjudgmental approach drawing on clinical and self-help models

Codependency work: (Re)discovering how to prioritize oneself

IPV approaches: Working with issues of interpersonal violence (domestic violence)

Trauma focused therapy: Creating a safe place in which to explore and heal acute, complex and post-traumatic wounds

Somatic awareness (body centered approaches): Learning to read and respect the signals that our bodies offer as a gateway to understanding and healing.

Other services provided:
Supervision (pre and post licensure)
Leadership training