Dr. Kasper has mentored me after as I completed hours in order to try and become an LCSW. She has been an amazing mentor, support system and is a walking “book of knowledge and wisdom”. I highly recommend her to everyone that is looking for a supervisor that will support you throughout your journey and will encourage you to further advance your knowledge and career.”

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To describe Randy as fabulous would be an understatement!  She is very professional and serious about her work, but when an appropriate occasion occurs, Randy will display a great sense of humor which, when exploring deeply serious emotional issues, comes in handy.  Randy always leaves you with hope!”


Initially, I hesitated to seek out Randy for personal counseling because we had collaborated on several hospital outreach programs where I was a community registered nurse and she worked in the Employee Assistance Program.

I knew my relationship would change from a colleague to a client, however, I trusted her professional integrity, honesty, openness, and sincere concern for each individual’s health and general well-being that I had witnessed in her interactions.

Although I have a strong network of close friends, I knew that professional help was needed for complicated family and marriage issues that were causing me deep sadness, despair, and a profound feeling of aloneness.  Randy’s strengths are a calm demeanor, focused listening skills, and sincere compassion, woven together with a quick wit and keen sense of humor.

Randy has the ability to read between the spoken conversation lines to identify the underlying emotion and personal struggle.  She is able to negotiate compromise and fairly represent each side of the painful struggle between two individuals.  Randy individualizes the techniques used to include traditional therapeutic skills and complimentary modalities.”


While I first encountered Randy as part of a grief-counseling group, she has continued to be a trusted counselor with her support of my journey over the past eighteen years.  I have come to appreciate and incorporate her astute, intuitive insights and healing visualizations as part of my therapeutic growth. It is a continued delight to meet with her given the ease of our interactions and the valued impact she brings to my life.”

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Randy Kasper, LCSW, BCD is an exceptionally perceptive and gifted therapist.

A few years back, I was under a lot of stress from work and personal family issues. A good friend suggested I call Randy Kasper, so I did. When I spoke with her on the telephone, I told her that I had had extensive therapy in the past and had worked through much of my family history and preferred not to rehash all the details. Randy was fine with this, so I scheduled an appointment with her. Mid-way through our first session she said one word that acknowledged what I was feeling. I’ve been seeing Randy ever since.

Randy is a good listener, who has a way of bringing clarity to a challenging situation that renders a deeper conversation around the issue. When indicated, she’ll highlight language or a thought pattern that is not helpful to me, and offer an alternative perception of the issue that is non-judgmental, but validating and

freeing. She has also helped by using imagery that uniquely supports my personal journey.

Randy is one of the reasons why I have a good life today. I handle stress better and my relationships with my family and friends are healthier.”

Francesca E. G.